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Break Dancer


~ Snipes Gallery April 30, 2008 ~

Black Tabby Spotted
dob. Januar 02, 2008

~ Pedigree ~

Finally she is here - wooow!! Dancer is related to the incredible OS RW SGC Stonehenge Wurththawate of SnoPride, who is her grand grand daddy. Her Grandfather is RW QGC Snopride Trust Wurthy of Jungle Jem. and her daddy is the marvelous Breaking News. Her mother - also the best of the best in the Bengalbreed - is Heaven Made.

Dancer is an unbelivable heavy boning young little lady and she looks like a "Sherman Tank". She has black ink jet donhut rosettes on a golden clear coat. Therefore we call her Wesly Snipes.

Type, pattern and temper combined  - we are more than happy to own such a wonderful cat from our friend Gene. We are sure that Snipes will have a great influence to the bengal breed in Europe.

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Dancer as young kitten -->


Show Success

St. Gallen May 18, 2008 V1, Best in Show


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