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Black tabby marbled BEN n 22
dob. 25. März 2008

~ Pedigree ~

On eastermonday at 0300 a.m. Etosha gave birth to a little spotted boy. I told to my husband what a pitty I wish she gave us a little marble girl too. AND!! OMG on Tuesday evening at 2015 p.m. what we see in the litterbox another kitten and it is a marble girl - this is our little miracle isn't it?
We are happy that mom and babies are sound like a bell

We were very happy and decided to hold her a while and observe her development. Thanks God her development was great as well this of her brother a "Crazy Large Young Male". Therefore we decided to adapt her in to our cattery and we never ever regret it.

Rainbow as well as her brother has an extreme coat quality. So silky that and I saw this only on Chakotay's children. This stud will shuffle up the Bengal world in case of type, coat quality and temper!! Additionally Rainbow look enchanting with her adorable coat color. Tricolored swirls are covering her entire body. The profil getting better and better, tiny ears wooow!

This marbled beauty will revolutionize the bengal world

Rainbow will exibited the first time in September - I excided who she will doing

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26./27. September 2008 Sempach FFH comming soon


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