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Saturdaze Night Fever


Saturdaze Night Fever


~ NEW Daze's Gallery January 2008 ~

~ Daze's Gallery December 02, 2007 ~

Black Tabby Spotted
dob. September 15, 2007

~ Pedigree ~

Saturdaze bewitched us from the first moment and the decission to adopt her was one of the easiest in our live. Many thanks to Kelly Rawson from ~ Stillmeadow Bengals ~ for this wonderful sweetheart. And of course many thanks to my friend Gene Ducote for helping us.

Daze's temper is unbelivable! After her long journey she came in our house and was playing arround, said hello to the other cats, eat something and slept on my legs - like she ever was with us:-) Her father is the incredibel ~ Gogees Heavenly Daze ~ and her mom is the wonderful ~ Gogees Golden Gabrielle ~.

Daze is just beautiful - her markedly leopard pattern, the incredible contrast, the excellent silky coat, an absolute clear coat, an almost perfect profile and this unbelivable lovely personalily will be bewitch everybody who will see her live.

Big kisses for you Kelly and Gene for this wunderful hearthbreaker! You can't imagine how happy we are :)

Show Success

March 15./16. 2008 in Dietikon FFH Both Days: Best in Show and Best in Variety
April05./06., 2008 Seedorf FFH

Saturday: Ex. 1 + BIV
Sunday Best in Show and Best in Variety

26./27. April 2008 Yverdon les Bains Both days: Best in Show and Best in Variety - SHE IS NOW FIFE JUNIOR WINNER!!!!!


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