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~ NEW Xtra's Gallery January 2008 ~

~ Xtra's Gallery December 21, 2007 ~

Black Tabby Spotted

~ Pedigree ~

And now she is here! Welcome Xtradazerrestical at Qo'noS! Xtra is from my dear friend Gene Ducote from the Gogees cattery and she is an Xtraterrestical cat! Warm colors and hudge rosettes with tons of glitter decorate this wonderful Bengal lady. A thick rosetted tail, tiny ears and a incredible wild looking face - thats a Gogees what else:-) And her personality is sweeter than sugar - we are so happy.  Like Saturdaze she came after a long journey in our house and playing, eating and sleeping - what an excitement for the other cats to meet her.

Xtra's dad is ~ Heavenly Daze ~ too like Saturdaze' dad and her mom is ~ Azana's Kool Kash ~ what a fortuity (Kool Kash's littermate Tara live also in Switzerland - 10 minutes from our house at Brotherwood cattery). And she has also incredible brothers and sisters - Sunny Daze of Dreamquest; Todaze Special and Sundaze Child - what a Bengal Alert!!!

Big kisses for you Gene for this wunderful piece of heaven!
The X-mas 2007 will be the best we will ever have!

Show Success

March 15./16. 2008 in Dietikon FFH Both Days: Ex. 2

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