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Medical prophylaxis / Pricing

All our kittens are in minimum:

Based on the newest knowledge regarding Parvovirosis
kittens will be vaccinated 2-3 times at age of 10, 12 and if necessary 16 weeks

repeatedly de-wormed
Day before adoption feaces sample will analysed
FeLV - tested and negative
transponder chipped on request
and they have a 5 Gen pedigree and
TICA registration on request
HCM tested parents

Pet: from 1500 Swiss Francs (ca. 1200$ or 960 Euro)
Breeder / Show Potential: on request

Breeder Information

We are very selectiv regarding Quality of cats for Show and Breed.
P lease fill out the questionnaire and send it back to us therefore we can provide you with professional advise . Thank you.

Stillmeadow Saturdaze Night Fever x Gogees Commander Chakotay

born Jauary 10, 2013

4 awsome healthy little lovebugs are born on January 14, 2013! All are boys! Watch them grow by clicking link below

Dazy's Kitten - 14.01.2013


Sorry both kittens are sold


We expect kitten around February - April 2013

visit our site regularly to be informed - thx



Please contract us as early as possible for adopting a Qo'noS Kitten!


Showbrag 2012


Showbrag 2011

Qon'noS Saphiro - multiple Best in Show Winner! Thank you Astrid (wildoats bengals) for showing him

Qo'noS too Sexy - multiple Best in Show Winner! Thank you Elaine for showing her

Showbrag 2008 - 2010

Our cats were extremly successful during the years 2009 - 2010 and we had again multiple show winners


Showbrag 2007

NEW - Woooooow again - Qo'noS' Quantum Leap of Marienda Bengals won Best in Show and Best in Variety on both days at the FIFe show in Banyuls sur mer (France). AND he won Best Kitten Award out of 25 Kitten.
Muchas Gracias Carmen you both have done a great job!!!!

Woow - Qo'noS' Quantum Leap of Marienda Bengals won Best in Show on both days at the FIFe show in Barcelona September 2007. On Sunday he won Best of Variety!!
Muchas Gracias Carmen to show him so professional!

Showbrag 2006

Qo'noS Bengals being able to look back to a successful Year 2006.

3 of our kittens are nominated for the FFH Best Swiss Cat:

Qo'noS' Next Generation - 5th best shorthair cat Adults
Qo'noS' Nehru - 3thd best shorthair cat kitten
Qo'noS Next Generation - 5th best shorthair cat kitten
Qo'noS' O'Zaal - 7th best shorthair cat kitten

Congratulations to Charlotte Bürgler and Thierry Brodbeck

Qo'noS Onyx won 2 times Best in Show out of 3 shows

Congratulations to Sonja Weinand-BrücK

The most important thing was and will be, that all of our kittens found markedly, lovable 'adoptive parents'.
Thank you to all!

You are looking for a serious breeder in Switzerland or Germany? Then visit the site
IG Bengal Katzen Schweiz >>>

FIf you are interested in a Qo'noS Bengal kitten, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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