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FIFe International Champion
TICA Regional Winner Quadruple Grand Champion (RW QDC) Commander Chakotay
13thd best cat, 8th best shorthair cat and 3thd best Bengal in the Region southern Europe in 2006

~ Chak's Gallery ~

Black Tabby Spotted
dob. March 13, 2005

~ Pedigree ~

Chakotay's 1st adult TICA show, he is a "One Show Grand" making 9 finals!

We are totally happy that Gene allows us to own such a beautiful stud muffin. Chakotay has an incredible ivory backcolour. His 2 colored spots are leopard like. Nice tiny ears and what a great profile and the best his temper is so sweet - a dream comes true for us. His daddy is Kajari American Idol and his mom is Gogees Painted Madonna.

At the moment he enjoy his teenager age and we are excitet how he will develop.

A big big thank to Gene Ducote - Gogees Cattery - she is a wonderful friend and we would like to thank for her trust in us.

Our studmuffin is now TICA TGC! We are soo happy:-)

Chakotay's Fife Show December 16. / 17. in Eppingen Germany

Chak gave his best at the show in Eppingen. He achieve his last points for the Grand International Champion and won on both days Best Opposite Sex. He was purring, purring and purring as the judge handled him like Bengals must be.

Chakotay is now a Grand International Champion in FIFe:-) We are so proud of you Chak:-)

Fife Worldshow 29. / 30. Oktober 2006 in Maastricht Holland

Chakotay won his Grand International Champion point and Worldwinner is for the second time Aluren Famous Blanche Neige - Congratulation!!!! Go Famous go wooow!!!!

TICA Annual Award Show Hannover 02./03. September 2006

We are soooooo happy and proud on Chakotay's show success at the TICA Annual Award Show. He earn SUPER results totaly unexpectet!

Saturday he won 3 out of 6 rings best of colour, division and Best of Breed, 1x 2nd best and 2x 3td best and he finals 6st Best Cat in a speziality ring out of 15 Bengals

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On Sunday 1 out of 6 rings best of colour, division and Best of Breed and finals at 3td best cat in einem speziality ring out of 14 Bengals

Wooow Chakotay - let's go:-)

And Helmi Flick has done such wonderful pictures of him (photografer Helmi Flick, formating by Claudia Rohner)

Webalbum Chakotay by Helmi Flick >>>

Delemont FIFe Show 10./ 11. Juni 2006

Chakotay won Best of Breed on both day's on Saturday Best Opposite Sex and on Sunday Best in Show

See pictures of the show >>>

FIFe Show in Vaduz April 08./09. 2006

Nominated for Best in Show on Saturday; Chak achieved his title International Champion on Sunday! Go Chak:-)


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