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Laser Light


IC. AM CH Laser Light

Multiple Best in Show Winner 2004 / 2005

~ 3. best Bengal kitten in der FIFe 2003 ~

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Black Tabby Spotted
dob. January 25, 2003

~ Pedigree ~

Laser Light is from my friend and mentor Gene Ducote . Laser has incredible type, large nocturnal eyes and tiny ears. Her horizontal flowing rosettes and spots are set on generous acreage with good contrasting color and no rib bars. Her body type is long and what a wild looking head - incredible!! Her coat is short and silky with tons of glitter. And she is such a sweetheart!

Big kisses for you Gene for this wunderful hearthbreaker!

You can't imagine how happy we are :)

TICA Annual Award Show Hannover 02./03. September 2006

We are soooooo happy and proud on Laser's show success at the TICA Annual Award Show. She earn also SUPER results - for a 3.7 year old lady - totaly unexpectet!

Saturday and Sunday she won 3 out of 6 rings 3td best of colour, division and one time 2nd best of Division and 3td best of breed out of 15 Bengals

And Helmi Flick has done such wonderful pictures of her (photografer Helmi Flick, formating by Claudia Rohner)

Webalbum Laser by Helmi Flick >>>

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